Bang! General Rules and Guidelines *Rough Draft*

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Bang! General Rules and Guidelines *Rough Draft*

Post by Quinn31 on Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:01 pm


Welcome to Bang!
The home of the very active and those ousted from Elite Factions
Bears, Angels, 'n Gambit

Here are some of our general rules:

  1. Stay Active - We pride our faction on being one of the most active in region. Being active is what helps move us forward!

    1. Participating in faction tournaments - Faction tournaments are one of the key ways for all of us to get better as a group. There will a forum post during the first day of each tournament for rank goals and point quota. Fear not! These goals will be fair. We as a faction will discuss and set goals together.
    2. Chat - Come talk to us! We don't bite! This game is the back drop for us to get to know each other. We have players of all different age ranges and from all over the world! We also have a Line chat if you'd like to talk to us there. Drop a message to one of the leaders to get in on the chat.

  2. Don't cause a ruckus - Be nice people! Too many times have we witness people being mean to each other. We won't have that here! No drama! We all have the same goal, we all want to win, and we can do all of that while being completely respectful to each other.
  3. Work as a team during war - War tests the true strength of our faction. In victory and loss, we must remain as a unit. No finger pointing! There will be a whole another post regard guidelines for war in the near future.

Bang uses a council to decide the major moves our faction makes. The council is designed to be fair and just.

Council members include:

  • Mathiu
  • Fuego
  • Lauren
  • Dr. Deadwalking
  • Quinn

Player Boot Guidelines
Considering that our faction was founded on the basis of players who were booted from their factions, we take booting players seriously. We will not act malicious or secretive. If a player is booted, it will be obvious why they were booted - and not because of rank or level.

Reasons for booting include:

  • Causing a ruckus - See above. If you can't get along with your faction-mates or are causing trouble, we have to consider
    removing said player. Bottom line: Don't be a dick!
  • Inactive - If we don't hear from a player for days, we don't know if that player has quit. It puts the faction in an odd position. We understand everyone has a life outside of this game. If you're going to be away for a while, just let one of the leaders know in advanced.
  • Low participation during faction tournaments - zero or low points - We need all hands on deck for these tournaments. We can't succeed without you! Put in the effort. Your faction-mates will appreciate the hustle!
  • Uninvited - Our faction has very limited slots. If a slot is taken without the leadership's notice, we have to boot the new player. We have a wait-list of players who are promised slots. They have first priority.  

Process for booting:

  • Message - Pre-booted player will be given notice via message of impending booting. If player is inactive, that player will be given a deadline to respond prior to booting.
  • Timing - We will not boot players during a faction tournament if they have made signification contributions. We will only boot during tournament if a player is uninvited. Most bootings will occur outside of faction tournaments or war.
  • Council - The council will vote on bootings. Council members will review the evidence and discuss prior to action. We will always be fair and make no rash moves without notice of all council members.

I know this is a lot to process. We're just laying it out there.

Have fun!


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